Jewel-like islands set in sparkling waters; flaming sunsets etched on a dark ocean; the tinkle of ice in a long cool drink – and, of course, the after-dark excitement of a floating casino!

This was the world that gave rise to Caribbean Stud Poker – the game that has taken casinos worldwide by storm! Although it is less than 30 years since the game first made its appearance on the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba, it has already overtaken the traditional gambling games and is now the most sought-after game in both standard and online casinos.

Poker in various forms has been around for a long time and has its origins in games of skill and chance dating back to the Middle Ages and beyond. Caribbean poker differs from the original in that all players play against the dealer, rather than against each other. Unlike draw poker, players do not have a chance to discard and draw cards. Hands are dealt face down, except for one card of the dealer’s hand that is face up. Players can then look at their hands, and make a decision based on the one visible dealer’s card as to whether to continue playing. If a player surrenders, he loses his ante; if he continues, he must put in an additional stake. The dealer then checks his cards. If his hand contains at least an ace and a king, he qualifies; otherwise, all other players are paid out on their ante. If he does qualify, the rules of standard poker apply, and players win or lose depending on how their hands compared to the dealers. Winning hands get paid out 1:1 on the ante, plus a payoff on the additional stake depending on the quality of the hand.

Although requiring less skill than standard video poker, Caribbean poker offers more excitement, since the dealer’s hand is an unknown quantity. Suspense is the essence of gambling, and Caribbean poker offers suspense a-plenty!

The game quickly became popular in both casinos and cruise ships in the Caribbean. It was introduced to Las Vegas in the 1990’s and spread like wildfire to other casinos. Since it tends to favor the house in its original form, a progressive jackpot was introduced to make it more popular. Most casinos offer a jackpot on Caribbean poker.

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