Steeped in history, and rich with fascinating terms such as “Snakes Eye”, Buffalo” and “Boxcar”, craps is one of the most intriguing gambler’s games on offer.

Perhaps because it has evolved over hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of years, craps has more betting options than a crocodile has teeth!

And yet, in its simplest form, it is very easy to play – you don’t have to understand every rule and every betting option to make money at the craps table!

Craps came to America with the French Canadian settlers who were displaced from Canada and found their way to the Southern States, especially Louisiana. The rough-and-tumble riverboat trade in the 18th century was a hotbed of gambling. Passengers and crew won or lost fortunes at games of chance, and craps quickly gained popularity. The game of craps passed from there to the saloons of the old Wild, Wild West, where tough, hardworking gold miners and cattle hands staked their all on a throw of the dice!

The game of craps was a variation on the much older game of hazard, which was played in Europe from the Middle Ages onwards. Hazard was formalized with a set of standard rules in the early 18th century and became popular with the hard-drinking, hard-gambling aristocracy of Europe. The lowest roll in hazard was known as “crabs”. With the migration of the game between continents and language groups, the version that eventually hit American casinos was known as “craps”.

Hazard is said to be a form of the ancient Arabic game of “azzahr”, which found its way across the Mediterranean and into Europe. Dice games, however, have been known since Roman times, when cubes carved from bone were rolled or thrown on soldier’s shields to relieve the boredom of long hours of inaction. This, incidentally, is where the term “rolling the bones” originated!

Craps has many different ways in which bets can be laid. Newcomers can find themselves utterly confused with the many betting terms, such as 3-way craps, Big 6, Big Red, Horn High bet, and so on. Fortunately, you don’t need to understand all of these to begin playing! Stick with a few simple types of bets, and learn as you go along. One of the best ways to learn this game is to play online craps game, since not only are the rules explained, but you can experiment for free and in privacy until you are happy with the game. Because there are so many possibilities, craps are one of the most interesting and challenging gambling games, and it’s not surprising that craps addicts often find other games boring in comparison!

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Play online craps game, and learn to be a master of the game! Newcomers can quickly learn the basics, and move on to experiment with different ways of betting. Play online craps game for free, and develop a betting strategy that works for you. Then play online craps game for real, and find a world of fun, excitement, and chance!

Craps has been around a long time – and because it is just the right mixture of skill and pure luck, it is likely to appeal to gamblers for a long time to come. Play online craps game – try your skill, test your luck, and most of all, have a lot of fun!

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