The player wins an online jackpot, takes home 1.4m euros in cash

Jackpot Madness, which runs a network of online casinos, announced that one of its players, Joaquim M, has broken the online jackpot record, winning an incredible 1,453,610 euros on Major Millions progressive slot at Jackpot City Casino earlier this week, reported.

According to Jackpot Madness, this is the fourth player to join the ranks of millionaires.

Joaquim M. will be the first European Major Millionaire when he takes his winnings in one single cash payment just in time to celebrate his 50th birthday and 25th wedding anniversary.

“This win is especially exciting after we launched the international site and multi-currency options eight months ago. We are delighted that our newest record breaker comes from the ranks of our international players. This will mark the first time that Jackpot Madness crowns a millionaire in euros,” said Francine Haliva, spokesperson for Jackpot Madness.

Joaquim received on injury 9 years ago and has been unable to work ever since. When quizzed about the secret of his good fortune Joaquim said: “If you don’t play you don’t have a chance of winning. I also plan to invest some of the winnings and share a part with my son and daughter who are currently college students.”

AngelCiti buys the company from investors

AngelCiti Entertainment’s management purchased a controlling stake in the company. According to, this part of the company was previously owned by an investment company.

“We strongly believe in the growth and development of the company and have aligned our interests with those of the shareholders. This measure affirms our conviction in the future of this company and we look forward to making it achieve its full potential”, stated George Gutierrez, the AngelCiti Entertainment’s President.

AngelCiti is a holding company, which acquires software providers to online casinos. The company is anticipating further growth in accordance with the predicted growth for the overall gambling industry. The online gaming industry increase estimates US$4.2billion annual revenue in 2004 according to Bears Stearns’ report. InformaMediaGroup predicts that revenue will reach US$14.5 billion by 2006.



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