How would you play the best blackjack? You’ll need to know basic strategy of course, and you’ll need a bankroll big enough for your ambitions. Every gambler brings to the blackjack table a bankroll and some knowledge of strategy, but neither guarantees he or she will play the best blackjack.

Sometimes, the cards are just plain ugly. No matter how hard you try to double up, the dealer’s hand seems invincible.

That’s the time to stand back from the crowd and just enjoy your surroundings. When the next shoe starts, or the one after that, who knows, your luck could change. Why not stop meantime and relax?

Chasing the ace can be perilous for novice and experienced players alike.

Some people go to extraordinary lengths to get even with fate. I know of one successful Wall Street trader who deals in millions of dollars every day. You won’t find him with empty coffee cups on his desk or tie at half-mast.

He actually employs someone to wash and iron his shirts so he has a clean shirt to change into, four or five times a day. Putting on a new shirt makes him feel good, in charge, and not at the mercy of fate.

Each time he feels a crisp neck collar bursting with freshness against his skin, he explained that it’s like starting over again, from the beginning, before he’s made any mistakes. It helps him to make the right decisions.

If you get tired when playing blackjack or have too many drinks, you won’t play your best. Once you start believing it doesn’t matter that much, you could start losing more.

The blackjack professional knows that sometimes the cards will not be right, no matter how brilliant the play. At other times, you just can’t help getting a blackjack with each new hand.

Striking the golden mean, the middle course between extremes can help you.

Some veteran blackjack players get up and leave if they lose three or four hands in a row. They are prepared to wait and move in when the time is right.

As for studying the manuals produced by experts, do you really care, that if you play the way they suggest, you could have a miniscule advantage if you played hundreds of games over many weeks or even months?

Life is not that long to start worrying about minute percentages.

That’s why the big gamblers burst in and smack their chips down so successfully. They don’t even stop to consider how many go down. They bet hard and they bet to win.

I once knew someone who was so scared of losing that he’d divide a small sum, say $ 20, into the greatest number of small denomination chips he could find, and then spend hours advancing a few chips at a time onto the roulette table. Five or six hours later, he would still be there, plus or minus one or two dollars, and usually grumbling at his luck.

The answer is simple, just find the golden mean somewhere between triumph and disaster, and you’ll play your best.

You won’t go far wrong.

However you intend to play, it helps to have certain things on your side, especially when gambling online.

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